Biden Administration to Give Out Free N95 Masks

Biden Administration to Give Out Free N95 Masks

( – A new update to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) COVID-19 guidelines says cloth masks offer less protection against the virus than other types of masks. The agency stated the best face covering to wear is an N95. The announcement spurred a move from the Biden administration to arm the public with better protection.

On January 19, the White House released its plans to push out N95 masks from the federal stockpile to Americans. The president is sending 400 million facial coverings to community health sites and pharmacies around the country where people can get them at no cost.

In remarks on January 13, President Joe Biden implored people to continue wearing masks and assured Americans he is working to “make sure that high-quality masks are widely available.” Biden stated he understands high-quality masks are not affordable for everyone, which led to him mentioning an upcoming announcement about free N95s.

The CDC said there is no longer a shortage of N95 masks, so they are now available to the general public. The stockpile contains 737 million single-use facial coverings.

The move to hand out N95s comes on the heels of the COVID test kit program, which opened on January 18. Every household can receive four free tests by signing up through the USPS.

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