Biden Claims Your Children Don’t Actually Belong to You When They’re at School

Biden Claims Your Children Don't Actually Belong to You When They're at School

Biden’s Latest Statement About Children Has Parents RAGING

( – Children are often their parents’ main sources of joy, although they can also be one of their primary stressors too. Despite the ups and downs, parents fight hard to protect their children in all areas of life — including the classroom. Yet, President Joe Biden is now spouting comments to separate the sacred parent-child relationship, declaring children belong to the teacher — not the parent — when they’re at school.

Biden Bumbles Through Speech at Teacher of the Year Event

On Wednesday, April 27, President Joe Biden spoke at the 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year Event in the White House’s East Room. Biden spoke directly to the award-winning teachers after bumbling through various comments about education and schools and touting his administration’s lackluster performance over the past year and a half. He said teachers’ students are “not somebody else’s children;” instead, they’re “like yours when they’re in the classroom.”

While many teachers love their students intensely, Biden went too far by downgrading the responsibility parents have for their children when they’re at school. No matter where a child is, parents are primarily responsible for their well-being and progress. Unsurprisingly, Biden’s comments set off quite the firestorm among Conservatives.

American Principles, an organization dedicated to putting families first in politics, shared their take on Biden’s words on Twitter:

Biden’s Comments Amplify the Current Political Climate

The President’s comments may sound absurd to some, but they’re similar to those of many Left-wing politicians in recent months. For example, while campaigning to win back his office, former Virginia Governor and gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (D) said he didn’t believe “parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

His comment likely cost McAuliffe the race against competitor Glenn Youngkin (R), as Virginia parents made it clear they do want a say in what schools decide to teach their children. This debate continues to heat up as Critical Race Theory and gender issues become increasingly mainstream.

The Politics of School

Later in his remarks, President Biden tried to get people to back off of their involvement in school curriculums. He said “too many politicians” are becoming involved in the debate around education and what books schools should allow, completely ignoring the fact each and every state’s parents are responsible for influencing education, whether directly or via elected representation.

Biden pleaded with Americans to stop making teachers and students “the target of culture wars.” Still, if schools are where culture and character develop, shouldn’t parents have a say in what’s taught there?

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