Biden Criticized as Prices Skyrocket Ahead of Holidays

Biden Criticized as Prices Skyrocket Ahead of Holidays

( – Many Americans look forward to the holidays as a season to enjoy time with friends and family and eat plenty of delicious food. However, this year, it seems hosting a meal for loved ones will be quite expensive, and many lawmakers are criticizing President Joe Biden for his hand, or lack thereof, in the matter.

Since 1986, the American Farm Bureau Federation has tracked the average price of a Thanksgiving dinner. This year, their calculations show the cost for hosting the Thursday afternoon extravaganza is up 14% from last year. Marketwatch shared more about how the numbers add up:

Seeing this data, many Senate Republicans are criticizing Biden for the inflation. Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-SD) declared he saw this coming since “last February when the Democrats were talking about passing their first massive tax and spending bill.” Senator John Boozman (R-AR) also chimed in, saying Biden and his administration “are asleep at the switch” and doing nothing about the inflation problem.

While GOP lawmakers are raising alarms about more government spending adding to inflation, Democrats are still pushing Biden’s social welfare and climate bill using budget reconciliation. Is it time for the Progressives to revaluate their priorities and start doing more to address inflation instead of advocating for such a Liberal spending package?

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