Biden Draws Criticism From China After Public Comments

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Tuesday, June 20, President Joe Biden drew ire from China after he suggested during a campaign fundraiser that Chinese President Xi Jinping was a dictator.

The previous day, Secretary of State Anthony Blinked met Xi during his official trip to China which was meant to help ease the tension between Washington and Beijing. However, their meeting reportedly did not have any substantial successes when it came to improving the communication between the US and China. They did ultimately agree for more diplomatic engagements between the two countries to be organized.

Despite efforts to ease tensions between the two countries, the bad blood still appears to be going strong. During his statement on Tuesday, Biden claimed that the Chinese President had been “very embarrassed” about the Chinese spy balloon that was brought down by the US military off the coast of the Carolinas back in 2022. Biden added that one of the reasons Xi was so upset about it is because he had not even been aware of the balloon. According to him, not being knowledgeable about these types of situations is a “great embarrassment for dictators.”

On June 21, China slammed President Biden for his remarks about Xi, claiming that these comments were not only absurd, but also a provocation at a time when the two countries had been focusing their attention and efforts on lowering tensions. More specifically, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson blasted Biden for his “extremely absurd” and “irresponsible” comments. According to NBC News, he accused Biden of going against “diplomatic protocol.”

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