Biden Lets Critical Trump Ban Expire

Biden Lets Important Trump Ban Expire

( – Joe Biden has reversed several of Donald Trump’s immigration policies since he entered office in January. This goal has included undoing executive orders, emergency proclamations, and presidential memorandums. Now, he’s using a new method of rolling back Trump’s protections.

Biden allowed a Trump directive blocking temporary foreign workers from entering the United States to expire on March 31 at midnight. White House insiders had already leaked his intention to do so to reporters.

As Newsmax reported, Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google are expected to be the biggest beneficiaries of this policy’s lapse. Those who could lose the most are skilled American workers and college graduates competing with migrants for tech jobs.

Trump initially issued the presidential proclamation in June 2020. He renewed it through March 31 to protect American workers struggling to find and maintain employment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donald Trump spent his time in office protecting the nation through strict immigration policies accompanied by his “America First” agenda. Biden’s actions seem to show a willingness to put American interests behind migrants who enter the country on work visas.

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