Biden Meets With Mexican President to Discuss Immigration

Biden Meets With Mexican President to Discuss Immigration

( – Joe Biden appears determined to destroy Donald Trump’s many accomplishments as quickly as possible, particularly regarding immigration policy. He issued five executive actions impacting immigrants on his first day in office, including a presidential proclamation revoking his predecessor’s emergency declaration at the nation’s southern border.

On Monday, March 1, he held a virtual meeting with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to discuss a host of issues, including immigration. The White House issued a joint declaration shortly after the meeting, detailing items agreed to during the meeting. As LA Times contributor Eli Stokols noted, the White House departed from standard protocol with neither leader addressing members of the media after the meeting.

A quick review of the joint agreement brings up a crucial question: What was the point of the secrecy? For example, the two leaders discussed their mutual commitment to support “regular migration.” They also agreed to collaborate on a joint effort to “develop legal pathways for migration” and to work to address issues leading to “regional migration.”

Basically, he signed an agreement with Mexico to increase regional immigration to the United States and commit resources to address internal Latin American issues. Who knows what the leaders discussed that didn’t appear in the formal agreement?

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