Biden Nominee Reportedly Had Driver’s License Suspended Multiple Times

Biden Nominee Reportedly Had Driver's License Suspended Multiple Times

( – People sometimes disregard driving laws as if they aren’t important. However, every law plays a role in maintaining safety, security, and justice. Blatant disregard for any of them is concerning. So, why is President Joe Biden nominating a judge with a long history of driving infractions?

A Fox News exclusive revealed a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee from Andre B. Mathis, Biden’s nominee for US Circuit Judge for the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The message was a response to his FBI background check, which showed he had three separate driver’s license suspensions due to driving citations.

Mathis explained he understands driving is not a right and said he takes the privilege seriously. Addressing each of the three suspensions, he stated he could not remember the 2008 suspension or the most recent one. As for the other suspension, he said he forgot to pay a speeding citation in 2011.

Despite his memory issues, he assures the committee that he never knowingly drove under suspension and fixed the matter as soon as it came to his attention. The nominee said he has committed to keeping his driving record clean since 2014.

He reassured the committee that he does obey and respect the law. He went on to say his past driving history should not reflect on his ability to be on the bench, and he feels the past eight years are enough to show he is serious about the law.

Does a bad driving record show disregard for the law? Is this something that should keep Mathis from becoming a federal judge?

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