Biden Proposes New Heat Protections, Slams MAGA Republicans

Photo by Natilyn Photography on Unsplash

( – At a press briefing on Tuesday, July 2, President Joe Biden unveiled proposed new standards to protect workers from extreme heat, emphasizing the broader implications for climate policy in the upcoming 2024 election. During his announcement at the federal Emergency Operations Center in Washington, D.C., Biden introduced the first federal guidelines that require employers to provide shade and water for workers subjected to high temperatures and to create emergency response plans.

In his speech, Biden criticized congressional Republicans for their unanimous opposition to the Inflation Reduction Act and their general minimization of climate change issues. He highlighted the stark contrast between his administration’s stance on climate action and the views of former President Donald Trump. Biden said that many Republicans advocate for reversing the climate policies implemented during his administration and oppose the shift away from fossil fuels, the main source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Biden asserted that MAGA Republicans and the former president seek to undo the progress that’s been made. He also said that anyone ignoring the current issues is “condemning” US citizens to a “dangerous future.” According to him, they must either be “really dumb” or have another motive.

This announcement from Biden comes as many areas across the U.S. face record temperatures and extreme weather. The move to formalize federal heat standards has been in the pipeline since 2021. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, extreme heat has led to the deaths of 436 workers from the year of 2011 to 2021.

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