Biden Refuses to Support Israel in Middle Eastern Conflict

Biden Calls For End to Violence in Middle East

( – President Joe Biden has basically taken a wrecking ball to American foreign policy since taking office. In the last couple of months, Iran has been enriching uranium to near weapons-grade levels. North Korea has started testing ballistic missiles, and America’s ability to successfully pull out of Afghanistan has become questionable. Now, it seems Biden could be ruining relations with an important American ally.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki addressed the mounting violence in Jerusalem and Gaza during a press briefing on March 11. She told members of the press that Biden urged both the Israelis and Palestinians to work towards “de-escalation.”

She made it a point to affirm Biden’s interest in Israel’s security concerns and its “legitimate right to defend itself.” However, she went on to push the administration’s support for a two-state solution to the long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine. She also said the administration recently warned Israeli officials that some of their recent actions regarding Palestinian families “work against” peace efforts.

Biden’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict stands in sharp contrast to the strongly pro-Israel policy promoted by the Trump administration. Perhaps it’s time for the Biden administration to reconsider its approach. After days of rockets flying back and forth between Israel and Hamas, it looks like the current plan isn’t working out very well.

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