Biden Repeats False Claim About Second Amendment

Biden Repeats False Claim About Second Amendment

( – The Second Amendment grants individuals the right to gun ownership. PolitiFact points out that the Founding Fathers designed it to limit the power of government, not of private citizens. However, it appears that President Joe Biden either misunderstands or has deliberately misstated those facts on at least two occasions.

On June 23, Biden falsely claimed the Second Amendment “limited” the kind of people who could own firearms and “what type of weapon they could own.” He went on to claim it banned the purchase of a cannon. Spoiler alert; that’s a false understanding of the amendment’s history, as noted by PolitiFact.

Biden made a similar claim on the campaign trail in a video that discussed, in part, his view on gun control. He said he favored banning assault weapons and further stated that private citizens had not been “allowed” to own “certain weapons” since the nation’s founding.

Unfortunately, there’s a big issue at play here. Biden made both remarks in furtherance of his aim to restrict citizens’ rights to bear arms. The first comment was in response to a vague question about gun control. His most recent misstatement happened during a White House press briefing announcing and rationalizing his administration’s latest round of gun control measures.

If Biden wants new gun control measures, shouldn’t he first understand the Second Amendment and its history? Just asking for a concerned nation…

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