Biden’s AG Merrick Garland Gets Subpoenaed

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – The House Judiciary Committee, currently led by Jim Jordan, sent out its first subpoenas to three Biden administration officials. One of the people to receive a subpoena is AG Garland, who will be called in to answer questions about a short-lived memo that mainly dealt with threats against school board members.

Garland had originally signed the memo in October and had noted that there was a widespread increase in harassment and threats of violence against not only school administrators and teachers, but also board members. This was at a time when certain policies, as well as how gender and race issues should be handled in schools, were central to the discussions being had. While the memo did not manage to achieve much, the Republicans have still kept their focus and attention on it.

Education Secretary Cardona and FBI Director Wray also received subpoenas that will mainly focus on the over 100 letters on the 2021 memo from Judiciary Republicans.

The subpoenas request that all communications between the entities and the National School Boards Association be handed over for review. The National School Boards Association was initially the association that wrote to the DOJ requesting assistance in the handling of these issues.

Jordan has maintained that the memo in question seems to consider and label parents as domestic terrorists. However, the FBI has not actually charged any parent involved in the incident. In an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Jordan noted that what they predominantly want to push for is free speech in this case.

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