Biden’s DOJ Takes Over Red State Investigation

Photo by Pete Alexopoulos on Unsplash

( – The United States DOJ is now going to be handling the investigation into the allegations of corruption against Texas AG Paxton.

State prosecutor Kent Schaffer, previously handling the case against AG Paxton, confirmed that the DOJ would be taking over the case previously handled in the Texas Western District by federal prosecutors.

The original investigation against Paxton started in 2020 after he was accused of abusing his office and bribery. According to The Hill, it’s unknown why the Department of Justice is now taking over from federal prosecutors in Texas. However, The AP reported that it was Paxton’s attorney who pushed for this change, stating “obvious conflict” as the reason.

FBI agents and federal prosecutors had previously been a part of the 2019 search of an Austin real estate developer, Nate Paul’s home. Paul had previously donated to the 2018 campaign for Paxton.

Paul has previously claimed that the prosecutors and agents were improper in their raid of his home; these claims were further investigated by a special counsel that Paxton appointed. Members of Paxton’s staff had objected to the investigation. This was one of the instances that led to eight employees from Paxton’s office bringing out the allegations of abuse of office and bribery.

According to other reports, Paul was also the employer of the woman that Paxton had been having an extramarital affair with.

The announcement of the change of the investigative agency came only one week after the $3.3 million settlement that Paxton reached with four of his former employees who were fired over the accusations they brought forth.

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