Biden’s New Budget Proposal Offers Boost in Law Enforcement Spending

Biden's New Budget Proposal Offers Boost in Law Enforcement Spending

( – Across America, crime rates have risen as Liberals call on communities to defund their police departments. Yet, many citizens are concerned this strategy is actually making their cities and neighborhoods less safe. President Joe Biden has just proposed a new $5.8 trillion budget, which includes a boost federal law enforcement spending in direct contrast to what some far-left Liberals are demanding.

On Monday, March 28, President Joe Biden announced more than $30 billion in support for law enforcement and crime prevention at state and local levels. He also added in $3.2 billion for law enforcement grants and $1.7 billion to enhance gun trafficking strike forces. According to him, the budget is designed to help get more police on the streets, prevent crime and violence in communities, and find agents who can help combat gun crime.

The Wall Street Journal shared more about the overall budget proposal:

According to a March 28 report from Axios, Biden wants to show voters he is invested in working to address crime, especially with midterms right around the corner. Biden’s proposed budget came after his latest State of the Union address when he stated the answer to increased crime is to fund police departments “with resources and training.”

Is this budget proposal a sign leaders are beginning to recognize law enforcement needs more support to fight our nation’s crime wave, or is it simply another way the Left can expand the federal government? Let us know what you think!

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