Biden’s Science Adviser Apologizes After He Gets Caught Bullying Staff

Biden's Science Adviser Apologizes After He Gets Caught Bullying Staff

( – When President Joe Biden took office, he swore in several political appointees and called for “honesty and decency” from his administration. Anyone who dared not treat people according to these principles would be fired “on the spot.” Only, it turns out, that’s not entirely true.

Following a complaint, an internal White House review turned up some astonishing behavior on Dr. Eric Lander’s part, a top scientist in the administration. Not only did Lander treat people disrespectfully, according to evidence, but the review also found he bullied several of his staff members, including Rachel Wallace, Lander’s general counsel.

This behavior is entirely at odds with Biden’s directive and certainly must have led to his firing, right? Wrong. The White House didn’t fire him, or even request that he resign. Instead, they initially offered him counseling following a meeting regarding his actions. According to Press Secretary Jen Psaki, officials met with Lander and told him “his behavior was inappropriate.” Many of the complaints centered around women, but the White House failed to find “credible evidence” of any gender-based misconduct.

When pressed further as to why Lander still had a job, Psaki said the White House followed a process in handling complaints. However, In response to the White House review, Dr. Lander submitted his resignation to the President late Monday evening, February 7. Biden accepted the scientist’s resignation, which will take effect by February 18.

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