Bill Barr Reveals He Would Testify in Trump Case

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – During an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former Attorney General Bill Barr stated that he would be willing to be one of the witnesses in the federal trial against former President Donald Trump in the case related to Trump’s alleged role in the January 6, 2021 incident.

Barr, who was previously a Trump appointee, refused to say whether the special counsel had previously interviewed him in connection with the federal investigation in this case but did state that he would be willing to testify. Following his resignation after the last election, Barr has become one of Trump’s toughest critics.

He said that the case that special counsel Jack Smith was bringing forward was challenging, but he did not believe it constituted a First Amendment violation.

Barr has previously been asked about his relationship with Trump, especially following the investigation involving the case. Barr has maintained that the investigation did not show any evidence that Trump’s claims were true. He added that this was something he had informed Trump of on three separate occasions.

In early August, Trump was indicted and arraigned on a number of charges related to the case. The Justice Department released its 45-page indictment in which they claim that Trump had been dishonest and had tried to obstruct one of the basic democratic functions. During his recent arraignment, Trump pleaded not guilty to all four counts.

On August 11, a judge also issued a protective order in the case, which will limit his commentary on aspects of the case.

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