Bipartisan Gun Legislation Signed Into Law

Bipartisan Gun Legislation Signed Into Law

New Gun Regulations PASS – Biden Just Signed the Bill!

( – President Joe Biden signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law on June 25. The legislation, a significant move forward on gun control, passed by a vote of 234-193 in the House, where 14 Republicans voted in favor. In the Senate, it passed 65-33, with 15 GOP members on board.

The bill includes various measures to tackle the issue of mass shootings, such as the recent incidents in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas. One controversial part of the legislation pushes red flag laws. It provides initiatives to states to implement these policies to stop anyone who may be dangerous from possessing a firearm.

Other aspects of the bill include the closure of the boyfriend loophole that excluded dating relationships from the domestic violence ban. Under the bill’s terms, any conviction for an assault on a boyfriend or girlfriend carries the same weight as if the victim were a spouse.

The legislation also implements more stringent background checks for those under 21, increases straw purchase and trafficking charges to federal felony crimes, and offers funding for mental health care and programs to help prevent violent situations.

Additionally, the bill provides guidelines for federal gun dealer qualification requirements. These licensed retailers must run background checks before all firearm sales.

When signing the bill into law, Biden said, “Lives will be saved.” He thanked Congress members for working across party lines to pass the legislation. Biden noted the bill didn’t include every policy change he wanted. Still, he used the moment to encourage Congress to continue bipartisan work, saying if they could compromise on firearms, then “we ought to be able to reach compromise in other critical issues.”

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