Bodies Found Hanging From Bridge in Mexico

Bodies Found Hanging From Bridge in Mexico

( – Mexican drug cartels have battled over various smuggling routes and growing areas for years, and the violence from their battles often bubbles over into public view. The latest horrific act performed by these cartels occurred in Zacatecas, Mexico, about 340 miles north of Mexico City, when police officers found bodies hanging from a local bridge.

On Thursday, November 18, Mexican authorities found nine bodies hanging from an overpass and one body on the ground nearby. Reports point out that an ongoing battle between the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation cartels has been a major source of violence in Mexico. Cartels reportedly kidnapped 10 men from the San Pedro Piedra Gorda before deciding to torture, hang, and shoot them in what appears to be a public display of power and intimidation.

The Epoch Times shared more details about the brutal scene:

This latest act of violence is just one in a recent string of horrific killings perpetuated by gangs as they fight their turf wars. These cartels are viciously battling to be the top supplier of opioids, including the often deadly fentanyl, to both Mexico and the United States. Unless someone puts an end to these cartels and their immense profits, these violent killings will likely continue unchecked.

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