Border Patrol Team Removes $60K Worth of Drugs From Vehicle

Border Patrol Team Removes $60K Worth of Drugs From Vehicle

Border Patrol Just Made a MASSIVE Drug Bust

( – Drug traffickers use a variety of means to conceal their contraband when crossing borders, from disguising it in boxes labeled as other products to packing it into nooks and crannies within their car. Still, authorities often detect the illicit substances tucked away in odd places. US Border Agents just arrested a smuggler who allegedly tried to move $60,000 worth of methamphetamine into the US using his children’s booster seats.

On Wednesday, June 15, US Customs and Border Patrol used a K9 team to detect drugs during a search of a car just north of the Newton/Azrak Border Patrol Station near Murrieta, California, off Interstate 15. Two adults and their four children were reportedly in the car, along with 26.9 pounds of methamphetamine the man had stashed into the kids’ booster seats.

Experts estimate the drugs would sell for around $60,000 on the US streets. Border Patrol agents arrested the driver of the car, a US citizen, but released the children and their mother.

Aaron Heitke, Chief Patrol Agent at the San Diego Sector, used this incident to highlight that “nothing is sacred” to smugglers, “not even family.” Nearly 30 pounds of meth will never see the streets.

Do you feel safer with the men and women of the US border patrol agents working around the clock to confiscate contraband like meth at the border?

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