Briefing Held Amid Classified Document Controversy

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

( – Lawmakers and Intelligence committee members received a briefing on February 28 regarding former President Donald Trump, current President Joe Biden, and former Vice President Mike Pence — namely their connection to multiple classified-labeled materials found in their homes.

The lawmakers were given information about the documents found at the different locations. The document controversy led to a lot of questions regarding the potential mishandling of classified documents in the executive branch.

After the briefing, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) and Vice Chairman Marco Rubio released a statement. They confirmed that they met with DOJ and intelligence officials to discuss the issue. However, they said that while the meeting “shed some light” on the matter, it also left “much to be desired.” They promised to continue seeking answers on the findings.

For the past few months, the Department of Justice and congressional leaders have gone back and forth regarding access to the documents. Warner has repeatedly criticized the Biden administration for not cooperating with their investigations.

According to The Hill, Warner and Rubio had previously warned the administration that they expect “immediate compliance” and want to see everything “on the table” regarding the documents. They also dismissed the Justice Department’s claims that due to the ongoing investigation, the documents could not be disclosed to lawmakers.

The Department of Justice has also appointed two separate special counsels to oversee the investigations into the handling of the documents in Biden’s and Trump’s cases.

Hundreds of documents were retrieved from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home during an FBI raid. A small number of classified documents were also found in Biden’s Delaware residence and at his former office in Washington. Finally, more than a dozen classified documents were discovered in Pence’s Indiana residence.

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