Britain Gearing Up to Replace Boris Johnson

Britain Gearing Up to Replace Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson REPLACEMENT Update – Major Changes Incoming!

( – Since British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he was stepping down on July 7, there has been a rush to find someone to fill his shoes. The Conservative party has been working through a list of potential candidates. On July 20, they announced they had narrowed it down to two: former finance minister Rishi Sunak and current foreign minister Liz Truss.

Legislators have just begun their summer recess, but the work for Truss and Sunak is just beginning. The two candidates will spend the summer pleading their cases to Conservative Party members, giving speeches, and participating in question-and-answer sessions leading up to the final vote in September.

Sunak resigned as finance minister on due to his opposition to Johnson. He previously served as the parliamentary undersecretary of state for local government, chief secretary of the Treasury, and chancellor. Sunak’s popularity soared during the pandemic, and he was quickly named a candidate for PM. But scandals involving his wife’s taxes and punishments for breaking lockdown rules during the pandemic could taint his campaign.

Truss, the current foreign minister has a long history in government, including serving as foreign secretary, minister for women and equalities, and several other cabinet positions. She has the most support from the party’s right-wing and grassroots activists. A YouGov poll on July 19 showed her beating Sunak 54 to 35.

The announcement of who will move in at 10 Downing Street will come on September 5.

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