Bruce Willis Quits Acting After Diagnosis

Bruce Willis Quits Acting After Diagnosis

( – On March 30, Bruce Willis’ family released a statement announcing the Die Hard actor is retiring due to health issues associated with aphasia. They said the condition is “impacting his cognitive abilities.” The family said they decided to make a public statement because fans care about Willis and he about them.

According to the Mayo Clinic, aphasia is a medical condition that impacts communication. It can cause issues with reading, writing, speaking, and understanding language. While it’s often a result of a stroke or head injury, it can also result from a brain tumor or be a side-effect of another disease. Willis’ family didn’t give specifics on his diagnosis or the cause of his condition.

After the announcement, former colleagues came forward to talk about signs they’d noticed that something was going on with the actor. Jesse V. Johnson, who directed White Elephant, still in production, explained he noticed something was off with Willis during filming. Mike Burns, Director of Out of Death, said he had to shorten lines and film all of Willis’ scenes in one day to accommodate the actor’s condition. Burns noted he decided not to work with the actor again after his experience despite having great respect for him.

In the family’s social media statement, signed off by his current wife, Emma, ex-wife, Demi, and daughters, they said it’s a “challenging time,” but they are getting through it as a “strong family unit.”

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