Build Back Better Bill Is “Dead,” Manchin Tells Reporters

Joe Manchin Crushes Democrats' Hopes for Build Back Better

( – After Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) announced he wouldn’t support the Build Back Better Act, President Joe Biden said he would keep working to pass it. Manchin’s remarks on Fox News Sunday happened in mid-December, and there’s been no movement on the bill since. Now, the senator is making another proclamation about the future of the legislation.

On February 1, in response to reporters’ questions about the legislation, Senator Manchin referred to the spending package as “dead.” This statement reaffirms his position and comes as a final crushing blow to Democrats, who spent months trying to advance the bill.

There is no way to pass Build Back Better without Manchin’s support in the evenly split Senate. It quickly passed the US House of Representatives (where Democrats hold the majority) in November. The senator had been vocal about his opposition to the bill’s $3.5-trillion cost and had similar complaints about the reduced version that came in at $1.85 trillion.

Some Democratic Senate members have been working to adjust the legislation into something the West Virginian senator would approve. Reporters did ask him if he might support a smaller package in the future. Manchin said he didn’t know; it would depend on the bill’s contents. However, he also indicated that he wants to “fix the tax code,” which news outlets say means he wants to pull back on 2017 tax cuts.

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