California Expands Medi-Cal Availability To Migrants

California Expands Medi-Cal Availability To Migrants

( – California is extending its Medi-Cal healthcare coverage to include undocumented immigrants who are eligible for the health insurance initiative operated by its government.

California has continued to expand its Medi-Cal health insurance program to include low-income residents. The program started in 2015 to include undocumented children. However, Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration later expanded it to include undocumented adults aged 19 to 25 as well as those who are over the age of 50.

Starting on Jan. 1, California became the first state to provide free healthcare coverage to all of its qualifying individuals regardless of their immigration status or age. In May, the Democrats in the California Legislature managed to hit an important budgetary milestone allowing them to expand Medi-Cal. The expansion is going to allow the state to provide complete coverage under the program to around 700,000 undocumented immigrants who range between the ages of 26 and 49.

According to ABC News, State Sen. María Elena Durazo has noted that this is a historic move that further showcases that the state of California is committed to everyone receiving healthcare, as it is a “human right.”

Still, some have criticized the decision and have questioned whether this is a good choice considering the state revenue shortfalls and the limited resources available to healthcare providers.

As reported by The New York Post, Pacific Research Institute CEO and healthcare policy expert Sally Pipes has argued that the move was irresponsible, especially considering how few doctors were willing to treat recipients of Medi-Cal due to the low reimbursement rates.

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