Cambodia and China Reportedly Break Ground on Naval Base Project

Western Officials Say China Is Developing Naval Base in Cambodia

Cambodia Launches A New PROJECT With China – Denies Startling Allegations!

( – On Wednesday, June 8, news outlets reported that Cambodian and Chinese officials broke ground on a Naval facility expansion project. The expansion is said to include multiple new elements, such as a hospital, a dry dock, a workshop, an extended pier, and a reception building.

This development comes just after reports emerged that China was secretly building a military facility in Cambodia. In a June 6 article, The Washington Post cited Western officials who expressed concerns about the alleged plan. They said the facility would allow the nation to base forces on the northern coast of Cambodia, close to Thailand. The anonymous officials also claimed the strategic positioning of this post is reflective of China’s goal to become a global military power.

Officials reportedly said the facility would have the ability to take in large vessels and would be the only other foreign base of its kind for the Chinese army other than one in the African state of Djibouti. Allegedly, China wants to take over the region by pushing countries to submit to its will out of fear.

The Washington Post reported in the same article that a Chinese official said the nation’s military will use at least part of the base in Cambodia. But, the contact denied China would have “exclusive” use and said forces from both countries are coordinating efforts.

Cambodian officials from the embassy in Washington, DC, contradicted this report, denying that China’s military would be using the facility. They dismissed concerns and called the the allegations rumors designed to tarnish the country’s image. The nation’s constitution forbids foreign military forces within their sovereign territory. They explained renovations are only to benefit their troops. China is reportedly funding work on the project.

US Embassy in Cambodia spokesperson Stephanie Arzate told The Associated Press after the groundbreaking ceremony that the US and other nations have been worried about the “lack of transparency” regarding the nature of the project.

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