Candidate Adam Hollier Disqualified From US House Primary Ballot

Candidate Adam Hollier Disqualified From US House Primary Ballot

( – A Democratic candidate in Detroit who was looking to win against incumbent U.S. Rep. Shri Thanedar in the primary election in August will not be allowed to compete. According to election officials, the candidate, failed to submit a sufficient amount of valid signatures.

On Tuesday, May 21, Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett ruled that former state Sen. Adam Hollier would not be allowed on the ballot. This could potentially mean that for the second consecutive term, Detroit will not have a Black representative in Congress. News outlets have reported that until 2023, the city had at least some Black representation in Congress consistently for nearly 70 years. Almost 80% of the city’s residents are reportedly Black.

Last month, Hollier submitted 1,550 signatures in an effort to secure a place on the ballot. This was over 500 names over the necessary 1,000 signatures to qualify. However, Thanedar challenged the the submitted signatures which resulted in the Wayne County election staff investigating the matter and finding that almost half of the signatures lacked validity.

The candidate is allowed to file an appeal of the ruling to the Michigan Secretary of State’s office. However, the decision is still a significant win for Thanedar, the current representative.

Hollier released a statement in which he expressed his disappointment with the news following the decision of the clerk. He added that he was not disappointed for himself but rather for the 13th district, which he argued deserves to have an actual choice in the upcoming election.

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