Candidate DEAD Ahead Of Election – Without Warning!

Third-Party Candidate Suddenly Dies Ahead of Election

Third-Party Candidate Suddenly Dies Ahead of Election

( – Elections take months, often years, of planning, and even then, candidates and parties experience bumps in the road as they sort ballots and tally votes. While rare, a candidate can die before the election, which has happened twice in the same Minnesota District over the past few years.

On Wednesday, October 5, candidate Paula Overby, who represents the Legal Marijuana Now (LMN) party in Minnesota’s 2nd District, died after experiencing heart valve complications. In years prior, Overby ran for Senate as an Independent with the Green party, and most recently in 2020, with the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party (DFL).

In 2020, a similar tragedy occurred when Legal Marijuana Now candidate Adam Weeks passed away just before citizens went to the voting booths, and it was believed he died from an accidental fentanyl overdose. In that case, Weeks’ death forced officials to push the election back to February.

However, the state has since revised the rules, allowing a ballot to proceed in November even if a candidate dies. As such, the Michigan Secretary of State’s office announced the current election would proceed as planned with the ballots that have Overby’s name on them.

It’s quite strange that two candidates for the same party have died in the past two years in the weeks leading up to the election. While authorities detected no foul play in Overby’s death, it might give the next party candidate brave enough to try for the spot on the ballot pause for thought.

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