Casey Anthony’s Parents Take Polygraph Test

Photo by Alex Pasarelu on Unsplash

( – George and Cindy Anthony, whose daughter has been dubbed “the most hated mom in America,” took a polygraph test that was included on the A&E and Lifetime special  “Casey Anthony’s Parents: The Lie Detector Test.”

The special focuses on their daughter Casey Anthony, who was charged with the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, in 2008. Casey Anthony was acquitted three years later. The case in Florida made international headlines.

Retired FBI Special Agent George Olivo was called to administer the polygraph test. However, he was not allowed to provide any information ahead of the Jan. 4 airing of the special. As part of the special, the couple was set to react to the answers that they had each given to the questions in the test.

Olivo told Fox News Digital the two were separated, with George being the first one to be tested. He added that on the surface, there was nothing that stood out about the couple and argued that they just seemed like two regular people who had been together for a long time. Olivo further claimed that the move to take the polygraph test was not a publicity stunt, as many previously argued.

He said that their daughter accused them of some “horrific things” and that there was nothing they could do as their silence would be seen as an admission of guilt. In contrast, if they spoke up against the claims, then their critics would argue it was a publicity stunt that they wanted to capitalize on.

In 2022, Casey who had been found guilty of lying to law enforcement but not guilty of the murder, participated in a Peacock docuseries called, “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.” While Casey did not directly allege that her father intentionally killed the toddler, she did accuse him of having been involved. George was also accused of covering up Caylee’s death when the trial was ongoing.

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