CDC Planning Major Changes in Wake of COVID-19

CDC Planning Major Changes in Wake of COVID-19

CDC Announces HUGE Shake-Up – Critical Changes Ahead!

( – COVID-19 put many aspects of life to the test, from America’s medical systems and school adaptability to government communication and rules on every level. During the pandemic, the CDC instructed citizens on how to keep themselves safe from the virus. However, the agency has faced significant criticism over the last two years over its handling of the issue. Now, leaders say they’re planning changes.

On Wednesday, August 17, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky spoke with her staff, alerting them to an impending “reset” the organization will undergo, CBS News reported. She admitted the agency made “some pretty public mistakes” and compared the shake-up to holding up a mirror and seeing how to grow from their failures.

ABC News reported on a review of the CDC’s performance amid the pandemic, which has been heavily criticized. For example, the review stated that the CDC takes too long to publish data and that its guidelines have been “confusing and overwhelming.”

Going forward, the CDC plans to focus on a few elements, including using more scientific reports before they go through peer review, streamlining the communications office, and adding an office on health equity. Do you think any of these changes will truly benefit America and future pandemic responses?

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