Chaos Breaks Out at Kenya’s Presidential Inauguration

Chaos Breaks Out at Kenya's Presidential Inauguration

Inauguration STAMPEDE – Chaos Breaks Out!

( – Kenya just elected its fifth president on August 9, as citizens voted in political outsider William Ruto over candidate Raila Odinga. Ruto’s platform emphasized his humble roots as a roadside chicken seller who worked hard to become a successful businessman. He vowed to help the country’s youth and poor, currently struggling with unemployment and extreme inflation. Yet, while his nation inaugurated him, a stampede broke out, injuring dozens.

On Tuesday, September 13, officials swore in Ruto as Kenya’s president in a ceremony where the newly-elected leader referred to himself as a “village boy.” Ruto narrowly took the win over Odinga, who received 48.8% of the votes compared to Ruto’s 50.5%. The loser claimed he was a victim of a rigged election, but the Supreme Court recently affirmed it was both fair and free.

This strife carried over into the inauguration stadium as crowds pushed down a security fence at the event, injuring at least 60 people. Security forces used batons to subdue the crowd, but the chaos continued as people rushed in to see the new president.

Experts have long called Kenya Africa’s most stable democracy, but the nation has experienced past political violence. Could this event signal a more tumultuous future for the country as it enters a season of new leadership? Or do you think the chaos at the inauguration will be a one-off event?

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