Character Confirmed Transgender in US Remake of Popular Mario Game

Photo by Cláudio Luiz Castro on Unsplash

( – Nintendo’s “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door” remake features a transgender character in the game’s US version.

According to Nintendo Life Magazine’s game review, the Nintendo Switch character Vivian, who was part of the original Paper Mario version released in 2004, is a trans woman.

Vivian, alongside her sisters Marilyn and Bedlam, is a villain in the game, fighting against the game’s protagonist, Mario.

In the game, Vivian eventually separates from her sisters because of their bullying and tendency to describe her as a “boy.”

In the Japanese version of the original game, Vivian reportedly shared her struggles with gender identity with players. However, this aspect of the game was removed from versions sold in the US.

In the US version of the game from the early 2000s, Vivian faced bullying because she was “ugly” and not because the character was transgender. However, the US version of the remake uncensored that detail about the character.

According to reports, the latest version of the Nintendo Switch game available in the US includes dialogue about Vivian’s gender identity, validating the character’s identity as transgender.

Vivian tells players that she took “a while” to realize that she was Bedlam and Marilyn’s “sister… not their brother,” adding that the typical bullying she was subject to “feels heavier.” 

Vivian is not the first transgender character written into a game that has made headlines.

Last year, “The Sims 4,” announced an update that allowed characters to have double mastectomy cars and chest binders.

A Harry Potter video game, “Hogwart’s Legacy,” also features a transgender character, Sirona Ryan, who tells the game’s main protagonist that it took those at Hogwarts a “second” to discover Ryan was a “witch, not a wizard.”

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