Charlotte, NC Was a Massively Popular Moving Destination in 2023

Photo by Daniel Weiss on Unsplash

( – A number of real estate experts and studies have determined that Charlotte in North Carolina became one of the most popular cities for Americans to move to last year, according to a recent Fox News report.

Jarrod Randolph, a former Charlotte resident and real estate expert, told Fox News Digital that the reason why Charlotte had become a top destination for many people is that it was both beautiful and far cheaper than many of the other big cities in the United States.

Randolph, who is part of Vestre Partners, an investment and real estate development firm, said that Charlotte in particular has a strong economy and industry and a relatively mild climate. He further noted that the food, arts, culture, and sports scenes in the city are all growing. Regarding the average cost of living, he pointed out that in Charlotte it is around 11 percent lower than it is in many other cities.

According to Randolph, the average one-bedroom apartment in New York City costs around $4,700, while in Charlotte, the price for similar living accommodations is under $1,700.

He further pointed out that the average commute time in Charlotte is only around 25 minutes, while in many other cities, including Nashville, Ten., the average commute time is actually closer to 40 minutes. He said that Charlotte’s average time is actually a bit less than the average for the country as a whole, according to Fox News.

Regarding resident satisfaction, he argued that most residents were quite satisfied as there are newer homes and the average home value is around $382,000.

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