Chick-fil-A Chairman’s Act From 2020 Goes Viral

Photo by Brad on Unsplash

( – The well-known fast food chain, Chick-fil-A, recently implemented a a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policy, which has stirred up a fair amount of controversy in the public eye. Now, a 2020 video has resurfaced depicting Chick-fil-A’s chairman shining a Black man’s shoes while talking about expressing regret for racism, according to Newsweek.

Dan Cathy, chairman of the franchise, was filmed doing this in Atlanta, Georgia during a discussion over racial tension. During the event, Cathy talked about a story involving a church service that a friend of his had attended in Texas, in which a young man had been shining an older Black man’s footwear because he believed strongly that racism was prevalent in that particular area. He had then added that he would encourage people to take action and if they saw someone whose shoes needed to be shined, to just go ahead and shine them.

The act was intended to show that a small act of repentance for the historic injustices that Black People have had to deal with in the United States, specifically slavery and segregation. However, Newsweek reported that some people have argued that this act played more into the idea of white guilt, which suggests that white people should be responsible for the misdeeds of people who lived in the past.

The clip has now received a lot more attention after the company came under fire for its new strategy that involves a push for creating equal opportunities, along with appreciating people’s differences and “creating a culture of belonging.” According to Newsweek, a number of social media commentators were critical of the video, saying he should not feel the need to apologize for society’s history of racism. One user referred to the “racism narrative” as “wacky,” saying people shouldn’t be punished or held accountable for the actions of others. Meanwhile, another person, who said they were black, asserted that the Civil Rights movement was never about making people “disrespect themselves” or “virtue signal.”

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