Chick-fil-A in North Carolina Reportedly Caught Violating Laws

Chick-Fil-A Owner in North Carolina Caught Violating Multiple Laws

( – Most people know Chick-fil-A restaurant chain for its cow mascot and chicken sandwiches with signature sauce. One of these fast-food joints in North Carolina reportedly tried to bend the rules recently, but they didn’t get away with it. The Department of Labor (DOL) just fined them thousands of dollars for violating the law.

On Monday, December 19, the DOL announced it was fining Good Name 22:1 LLC in Hendersonville, North Carolina, which operates the local Chick-fil-A, $6,450 for child labor violations in addition to $235 in backpay to seven employees. Investigators discovered the franchise asked three workers under 18 to operate, load, or unload the trash compactor, violating federal regulations.

In addition, the business allegedly had asked multiple employees to work for meal vouchers instead of paychecks, violating minimum wage laws. The Raleigh, North Carolina, Wage and Hour Division District Director Richard Blaylock noted the state enacted the laws the store broke to ensure employers don’t harm a child’s “health, well-being or educational opportunities.”

This DOL announcement came after a Facebook post this summer from the same Chick-fil-A store asking for volunteers to assist at the drive-thru and earn five entrees per shift in exchange for every hour they helped out. According to The Washington Post, a spokesperson for the wider company noted back in July that this was a decision made by a single restaurant and that it was not “endorsed” by Chick-fil-A as a whole.

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