Child Reunited With Beloved Stuffed Animal After Heartbreak

Teddy Bear Returned to Little Girl After More Than a Year

( – Everyone has lost something meaningful to them, and many times, once that thing is gone, it’s gone for good. Thanks to a series of fortunate events, one child’s loss of a beloved stuffed animal wasn’t permanent.

Naomi Pascal visited Glacier National Park with her family in October 2020 and left behind a teddy bear, which her parents gave to her when she was adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia. Things looked bleak, but a family friend came to the rescue and made sure the beloved toy made it home.

Little Bear Lost

The saga began when the family failed to realize Naomi’s bear wasn’t with them after leaving the park. The family reported the loss to the park in an effort to find the stuffed animal.

Around this time, Ranger Tom Mazzarisi happened to work in the area near where the family had camped and spotted the bear in some melting snow. While it’s typical to toss out items like this, the ranger felt compelled to hold onto it for some reason.

Mazzarisi was unaware someone had made a report about its loss and stashed it in his cabin for the winter season. When he returned to work in spring, he carried the bear with him in his truck, on the dashboard. The bear went everywhere with him.


Meanwhile, Naomi’s mom, Addie, made a Facebook post asking everyone to keep an eye out for the stuffed animal in hopes of finally finding it. Family friend Terri Hayden, who had been with the Pascals on the fateful camping trip, returned to the park and spotted the teddy in Mazzarisi’s truck.

Once she confirmed the toy’s identity, she sought out the on-duty park rangers to get the bear back. Naomi, 6, was delighted to finally reunite with her lost friend, and Hayden bought Mazzarisi a new teddy bear for his truck, so he would have a special friend of his own.

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