Children Reportedly Served Floor Sealant at School by Mistake

Children Reportedly Served Floor Sealant at School by Mistake

Kids Accidentally POISONED – A Horrifying Mistake!

( – Children attending the Juneau School District (JSD) RALLY summer program were victims of a mistake that occurred when the kitchen served floor sealant instead of milk on June 14. Students began complaining about the milk tasting awful and hurting their mouths after drinking it. Twelve students and two adults ingested the chemical before the discovery, with one student requiring care at the hospital.

The JSD explained workers mistakenly received a pallet of the chemical to its food warehouse in 2021. Nobody noticed until supplies were low and staff grabbed what they thought was shelf-stable milk. The floor sealant went to Sit’ Eeti Shaanax Glacier Valley Elementary School, where staff served it to the students. Two other boxes went to Harborview Elementary School and Mendenhall River Community School but remained unused.

Juneau Empire reported workers failed to follow a policy requiring a taste test of all liquids before serving them to students. The revelation came to light during a special JSD Board of Education meeting on June 17. Administrators also raised the issue of the long delay in alerting parents during the meeting. The district admitted it took too long to let parents know what happened, but the staff contacted poison control immediately and rendered care to the affected students.

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Food Safety and Sanitation Office is investigating the incident. The Juneau Police Department is also looking into the situation.

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