China and NASA Trade Barbs Over Space Plans

China and NASA Trade Barbs Over Moon Ambitions

China FURIOUS After NASA Comments – They’re Not Having It!

( – Territorial lines on earth are relatively clear as most nations have known where one starts and another ends for decades. But, such boundaries aren’t quite as evident in the final frontier of space. With this in mind, NASA Chief Bill Nelson recently warned about China laying claim to the moon, something the communist nation vehemently denied.

News outlets reported that on, on Saturday, July 2, the German newspaper Bild published an interview with Nelson where the federal official warned readers China may land on the moon soon and declare, “It’s ours now, and you keep out.” The NASA administrator also warned the Chinese space program is learning to target and knock out other nations’ satellites.

In response, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian shot back, saying Nelson “has ignored the facts and spoken irresponsibly about China,” according to Reuters. He emphasized his disgust for the NASA official’s words, calling it a “smear campaign” against China’s future space missions.

While the two national leaders spar back and forth, NASA is now aiming to send another group of astronauts to land on the moon in 2025 or later in connection with the Artemis Missions, which will aim to establish infrastructure on the moon. China has similar plans, although it will likely pursue uncrewed missions in the coming years.

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