China Reportedly Has Significant Lead in Scientific Output

Report Shows China Has Significant Lead in Scientific Output

China Becomes NEW FRONTRUNNER – Shocking Report!

( – For years, Americans have worried about China’s growing aptitude in science and technology. The country has put an enormous emphasis on these subjects in school and has devoted billions to research. Many lawmakers believe the US still has the edge over China in these fields, but recent reports warn that may no longer be true.

On Tuesday, August 9, Japanese researchers from the country’s National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTP) published a report highlighting that China was the world’s biggest producer of scientific papers each year from 2018 to 2020.

Adding insult to injury to the US, a report from Nikkei Asia pointed out that the analysis emphasized it made up 27.2% of the top 1% of most commonly referenced studies. In contrast, US publications only comprised 24.9% of the most highly cited papers.

This realization shows that China is reportedly outperforming the US in at least one measure of scientific research. However, The Guardian does point out that the US is still investing more money in research than China.

American lawmakers are feeling the pressure to invest in this field, which was a major motivator in passing the multi-billion-dollar CHIPS and Science Act this month. Do you think government-funded research is the best way to compete with China’s growing scientific focus?

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