China Reportedly Opposes McCarthy Visit To Taiwan

Photo by Yan Ke on Unsplash

( – A Punchbowl News report stated that the Pentagon is currently planning for House Speaker McCarthy to visit Taiwan later this year. Following this report, China issued a warning against such a visit. This is further evidence that the diplomatic relations between the United States and China are becoming increasingly tense.

The statement issued by Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning did not address McCarthy explicitly, but still urged “certain individuals” to follow the “one-China principle.” The spokesperson also said that China was against any “official interactions with the island nation.

McCarthy’s trip is reportedly being planned for this spring, although this hasn’t been confirmed or denied by officials. However, he would not be the first House Speaker to be having such an official visit. Last year, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was also criticized by the Chinese government for planning an official trip to Taiwan.

House Republicans have already placed a lot of attention to U.S – China relations, with a select committee being formed to probe into the economic relation between the two countries, according to The Hill.

McCarthy previously said in an interview on “Meet the Press” that “China is the No. 1 country when it comes to intellectual property theft.” He added that China stole more information than all other nations combined. He had also noted that the Republicans would not allow the administration to continue enabling this practice from China.

The newly formed committee is set to probe into the “Chinese Communist Party‚Äôs cyber, trade, and military threats against America,” as McCarthy disclosed in a tweet.

China continues to view Taiwan as a self-governing democratic island nation with an illegitimate government. China has maintained that control of the island should be in their hands.

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