China Slaps Sanctions on Steve Bannon and Other Trump Officials

China Slaps Sanctions on Steve Bannon and Other Trump Officials

( – China’s predatory trade practices, rising military, and expansionist policies pose a serious risk to the United States. John Ratcliffe, the former US Director of National Intelligence, called China the greatest threat to global “democracy and freedom… since World War II” in a December 3, 2020 article published by The Wall Street Journal.

China’s Foreign Ministry announced the imposition of sanctions against 28 Trump administration officials on January 20. Those mentioned include former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former director of trade and manufacturing policy Peter Navarro.

The ministry cited the pursuit of “selfish political interests,” along with bias and scorn directed at China, as the reason to name those individuals.

These sanctions ban the named individuals and members of their immediate family from traveling to China, Macao, or Hong Kong. It also prohibits them and any companies associated with them from conducting business with China.

It remains doubtful whether the sanctions will significantly impact the affected individuals, considering their hands-off approach to Chinese business dealings and avoidance of direct interactions with the communist regime.

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