China to Blacklist People Who Support Taiwan

China to Blacklist People Who Support Taiwan

( – China has made it clear it wants complete control of Taiwan, despite the island’s adamant declaration that it will protect its independence and democracy. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) just put more pressure on people to comply with its demands in this area by enacting a concrete punishment for those who support Taiwan.

In a statement on Friday, November 5, China spokeswoman Zhu Fenglian announced anyone supporting Taiwan’s independence will become criminally liable for life. This designation entails the CCP barring them from crossing into mainland China and blocks pro-Taiwan individuals and their companies from doing business in China. The country has never taken such a firm position against Taiwan supporters before.

The Telegraph’s Asia correspondent Nicola Smith shared Fenglian’s tweet, which directly named three people facing sanctions:

In response, Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council affirmed the CCP does not rule the island. According to the council, Taiwan will “not accept intimidation and threats from an autocratic and authoritarian region” and establish “necessary countermeasures” to keep its people safe.

China vowed to take “any other necessary measures” to enforce its policy, although it didn’t make its intentions clear based on the statement. Still, despite the pressure from the world power, Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu called it a “rare honor” to have the CCP declare him pro-Taiwan, and he vowed to continue fighting for the island’s freedom. This latest back and forth between the two countries reflects only a small portion of the growing tension between the entities.

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