Chinese Company Accused of Aiding Russia

Chinese Company Accused of Aiding Russia

( – While most of the world has completely cut off Russia due to its aggressive actions against Ukraine, China has allegedly become its closest partner. And despite Chinese leaders feigning neutrality on the world stage, there are indications to the contrary. The latest questionable activity involves telecom giant Huawei.

Accusations of Aid

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton recently revealed reports that Huawei, the fourth largest mobile carrier in Australia, is helping Russia stay online. According to reports, the company has five research centers set up in Russia, and Dutton said the company is apparently assisting the Kremlin to fend off cyberattacks. He expressed concern about this involvement.

Dutton has also condemned the alliance between China and Russia. He said China could end the current Ukraine conflict by stopping its support of the Kremlin.

Issues with Huawei

Huawei has always been a subject of controversy in the US. In 2019, the company accused the US of cyberattacks on its business, unlawful detention of employees, and sending FBI agents to employees’ homes to get information about the company. The same year, the US put Huawei on the trade blacklist, categorizing it as a national security risk.

The ban came after the government said the company was guilty of evading US laws, spying, engaging in commerce with Iran, and participating in underhanded business tactics against competitors. The government also said Huawei is part of the China Communist Party (CCP). The company claims it is separate from the CCP.

In 2018, The US had urged other countries to block Huawei and keep the company from expanding into the 5G market because it was concerned the Chinese telecom’s equipment could serve to spy on the US or sabotage the internet. Some countries followed along, with Australia banning it from providing 5G equipment. The US later also put limitations on the company to prevent it from getting the technology needed for smartphones and other devices.

More News

Reports say Huawei is expanding into facial recognition software, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing. According to National Cyber Security News Today, a now-deleted report from a Chinese news site claimed Huawei is using the Russian centers to train 50,000 technical experts.

At this point in the Russia-Ukraine situation, anyone assisting the Kremlin will come under fire. The US and Europe and other allies like Australia are sanctioning Russia to end the conflict. Does Huawei’s aid to Russia effectively snub the free world’s efforts on Ukraine’s behalf? Additionally, can countries that still do business with Huawei trust the company won’t spy on them or provide intel to China or Russia? What do you think?

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