Chinese Embassy Threatens Congress

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

( – The Chinese Embassy reportedly sent a threatening email to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Congress members who were scheduled to meet with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on April 5.

This was not the time that Tsai met with US Senators. During the first week of April, she was scheduled to meet with the now-Speaker of the House McCarthy. However, last year, the former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had scheduled her own trip to Taiwan. The visit drew heavy criticism from China at the time.

Li Xiang, the embassy’s contact with Congress, in response to the scheduled visit, sent out a long email warning Congress members about the potential consequences of moving ahead with the meeting.

In the email which was obtained by Punchbowl News, Li wrote that China was not going to “idly” sit around when being provoked and that if necessary they are committed to taking action in order to deal with an “unwanted situation.” He added that it was up to them to cooperate in order to ensure that something of that sort did not occur.

He noted that the previous visit by Pelosi to Taiwan had led to increased tensions between the US and China. He suggested that there were lessons to be learned from it.

Recently, Tsai traveled to New York City where she spoke to other Taiwanese people in New York. In her statement, she expressed her appreciation to the United States for its assistance and support for the Taiwanese people. She added that a “safer Taiwan” would correlate to a safer world. She also proceeded to claim that Taiwan would continue to be on the pathway to democracy.

China on the other hand warned McCarthy that a meeting with Tsui would oppose the “One China” policy. A spokesperson wrote that the meeting could potentially damage further the U.S.- Chinese relations, as it would oppose Chinese people’s attempts to “unite and fight for national reunification,” according to Fox News.

The “One China” policy supports that Beijing is the only legitimate government in China.

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