Chinese Group Allegedly Behind Sinister Theft Operation, Cybersecurity Firm Says

Cybersecurity Firm Uncovers Sinister Chinese Hacking Operation

Investigation Reports Chinese Group Stole TRILLIONS In Intellectual Property

( – The manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and energy industries have reportedly been under attack for years by a Chinese state actor, APT 41. According to a Cybereason report, the group has stolen trillions of dollars worth of intellectual property. It’s alleged that about 30 companies globally have been victims.

The group’s alleged scheme, called Operation CuckooBees, led to stolen data ranging from blueprints to formulas from countries in Asia, North America, and Europe. Cybereason CEO Lior Div explained to CBS News that APT 41 managed to get diagrams of military weapons, such as missiles and fighter jets.

He noted the organization also took proprietary information about prescription drugs. Additionally, the rogue group took data on manufacturing systems and pirated private company details, including user account information and employee data.

He explained the organization’s goal was to access new technology. Much of the information was without patent protection when APT 41 stole it.

The report didn’t disclose company names impacted by the cyber theft. It did say the scheme has been happening since at least early in 2019. With the vast amount of data the group collected, there are concerns about the potential impact. What could APT 41 and the Chinese government do with all this information?

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