Chinese POLICE STATION on US Soil? – FBI Weighs In!

FBI Expresses Concerns About Reports of Chinese Police Stations in US

FBI Expresses Concerns About Reports of Chinese Police Stations

( – The federal government tries to keep tabs on the various threats facing America on our shores and abroad. While some are clear to many, such as blatant terrorist threats from ISIS or Putin’s warnings of using nuclear weapons, others are stealthier. The reports of China establishing a police station in a major US city qualify as an example.

On Thursday, November 17, FBI Director Christopher Wray spoke at a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing. During the discussion, he confirmed that the FBI knows of the “service stations” first reported by the human rights organization Safeguard Defenders. According to the group’s September 12 report, China has established at least 54 police centers on five continents that have “‘persuaded’ 230,000 claimed fugitives to return to China.” One of the stations is allegedly operating right out of New York.

According to Reuters, Wray called it “outrageous” that China would try to do with this “without proper coordination.” He emphasized the agency is “looking into the legal parameters” of the situation.

The US isn’t the only country looking into this issue. According to Safeguard Defenders, 14 governments, including Canada, Austria, Germany, Chile, Sweden, and the Netherlands, are investigating 110 Chinese “service stations.” Through the studies and probes, the US and other countries hope to fully understand what is happening so they can stop any illegal activity immediately and keep their residents safe.

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