Chris Wallace Admits He Has Nowhere to Go Since the Collapse of CNN+

Chris Wallace Admits He Has Nowhere to Go Since the Collapse of CNN+

Chris Wallace Finally Faces The Music For His Betrayal Of Fox News & Conservatives

( – When CNN+ launched on March 29, network executives hoped it would be the next big streaming platform for news. However, after an abysmal start, they canceled the whole streaming operation with an end date of April 30. Now, former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who left the conservative news giant to join CNN+, admits he doesn’t have a next step.

On Sunday, April 24, Wallace spoke with the Common Ground Committee about the end of CNN+. During the discussion, he tried to play it cool that he was losing his job, noting he “is going to be fine.” Wallace did, however, highlight how concerned he is about his “team and hundreds of other people” who lost their jobs at the streaming service that barely even made it off the ground.

Washington Times columnist Tim Young shared a humorous tweet about Wallace’s uncertain future:

The move to shut down CNN+ came after its lackluster start and Warner Bros. Discovery’s acquisition of CNN. It’s not just this service that’s struggling, however. Wallace noted during the live stream that even the major streaming platform Netflix is facing an uncertain future after it lost half its value last month as Americans unsubscribed from the service.

Chris Wallace’s career is again at a pivotal point. He may carry on as a journalist and news anchor somewhere else or try starting something new.

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