CIA Chief Makes Estimate on Losses for Russia

CIA Chief Makes Estimate on Losses for Russia

CIA Insider’s Shocking DEATH TOLL Estimate – Here’s What He Said

( – No one could fully fathom what the Russian invasion of Ukraine would look like before forces crossed the international boundary on February 24. Now, around five months into the war, it has been difficult to estimate how many casualties both sides have seen. While Russia keeps its data concealed, the rest of the world has been unable to verify the personnel counts the Ukrainian military has provided. Now, the CIA has weighed in with how many losses it believes Russia has taken.

CIA Director William Burns Estimates Deaths in Ukraine

On Wednesday, July 20, CIA Director William Burns told listeners at the Aspen Security Forum he believes Ukrainian forces have killed around 15,000 Russian soldiers and wounded another 45,000 or so in the battles. According to The Hill, he called the losses “quite significant” and emphasized the defending military experienced “probably a little less than that.”

However, Ukrainian Defense Ministry data contrasts this number as the ministry estimates around 38,140 Russian combatants died between the February invasion and July 16, according to The New Voice of Ukraine.

Civilians Deaths as Estimated by the UN

While soldiers put their lives on the line to defend or attack a nation, they’re not the only ones dying. Based on their estimates, members of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights believe Russians have slaughtered around 5,024 civilians in the country and injured another 6,520 as of July 12. Both counts included many children.

What’s Next in the War in Ukraine?

Director Burns said in his interview a Ukrainian official recently told him “that the dumb Russians are all dead,” meaning those who have survived likely have more combat experience and strategy. This intel comes as Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced on Wednesday, July 20, that the US will provide another four High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) to Ukraine.

Right now, Russia controls the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine and is refueling and restructuring some of its forces before likely continuing its attack. The UK Ministry of Defence shared its latest map of the invasion:

Remarking on this, Burns told attendees at the FT Weekend Festival in DC the week of July 18, “[Putin’s] in a frame of mind in which he doesn’t believe he can afford to lose,” according to Axios. What do you think Putin’s end goal is?

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