CIA Ousts Top Official Over Havana Syndrome Response

CIA Ousts Top Official Over Havana Syndrome Response

( – In 2016, US Embassy personnel in Havana, Cuba, reported experiencing ear pain, cognitive disturbances, vertigo, and a host of other symptoms. The following year, US Consulate staff in China reported similar maladies. Since then, US officials at home and abroad have fallen victim to “Havana Syndrome,” which experts suspect arises from microwave attacks. A recent report indicates the CIA is prioritizing its effort to push back against the dangerous affliction.

On Friday, September 23, U.S. officials told news outlets that the CIA recalled its station chief in Vienna, Austria, for the reported mismanagement of incidents of Havana Syndrome.

CIA employees have long considered the top position in Vienna to be one of the agency’s most prestigious posts. For that reason, officials expect the station chief’s recall to send a ripple of shockwaves through the intelligence community.

According to several current and former US officials, the CIA is essentially telling its personnel to either deal with Havana Syndrome or get out of the way.

This mysterious illness has impacted scores of American operatives. Investigators need individuals in leadership positions who can help their efforts to get to the bottom of Havana Syndrome and put an end to it once and for all.

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