City Begs People to Help Ease Worker Shortage

City Begs People to Help Ease Worker Shortage

( – From long wait times at restaurants to unstocked shelves, Americans across the country are seeing the effects of the current worker shortage. However, businesses are also hurting because they cannot find enough staff to run their shops or restaurants and therefore see their bottom lines faltering. So, one California city decided to get creative to address the worker shortage in their town.

Folsom in northern California has officially kicked off its campaign asking students, stay-at-home parents and retirees to join the workforce for six months to help local businesses make ends meet. Sarah Aquino, the town’s vice mayor, already picked up her third job to show her constituents her deep commitment to the community and campaign.

Business Insider shared more about the creative idea:

While this plan is only a short-term initiative to “bridge th[e] gap,” many businesses have already had an uptick in job applicants who made it clear they’re willing to help. This is an encouraging way for a town to come alongside its businesses, but it also shows the city’s clear desperation to have to run such a quirky campaign. Hopefully, these small businesses can find a new normal in the coming months that’ll allow them to prosper even after this creative initiative winds down.

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