City Weighing Use of DEADLY Robots? – This Is Insane!

San Francisco Board Backs Use of Deadly Robots by Police

San Francisco Board Backs Use of Deadly Robots by Police

( – California is one of the most left-leaning states in the union. But a decision by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors seems to contradict the state’s typical liberal policies. The board advanced a proposal by an 8-3 vote approving the limited use of robots to exert deadly force in situations where police have exhausted all other options, and a severe public threat exists.

The vote resulted from a state law, Assembly Bill No 481, which requires law enforcement agencies to obtain local government approval to use certain equipment. Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed the bill in 2021.

The San Francisco Police Department already owns the robots and currently uses them for surveillance in areas where humans can’t safely go and for specific dangerous tasks, such as deactivating explosives. In a press statement, SFPD spokesperson Allison Maxie said there are currently no plans to equip them with firearms.

The ordinance now specifies officers must try other means to de-escalate a situation before using the deadly robots. Also, the incident must involve a threat of loss of life, and operations must occur under the control of high-ranking officers. Before the proposal goes into effect, it will need another vote this month and support from San Francisco’s mayor.

Despite the restrictions, concerns arose over possible misuse. Supervisor Hillary Ronen called the ordinance “shortsighted, dangerous, sad” on Twitter. In a letter, the city’s Public Defender’s Office stated the move opposes the progressive city’s principles.

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