Clarence Thomas Reportedly Amending Financial Disclosures

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

( – Following the ProPublica report which showed that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has failed to disclose many luxury gifts in his money disclosure forms, as well as the recent report that showed that he had not reported a real estate deal he had made in 2014, Thomas is going to amend those forms, according to CNN.

This move comes after Thomas faced increased scrutiny for his relationship with Harlan Crow, a billionaire GOP donor, whom Thomas both accepted gifts and completed the real estate deal with. According to the ProPublica report, the gifts that Thomas had received from Crow included expensive trips, stays in his private resort and yacht, usage of his private jet, and more. It was also reported that Crow bought a few properties from Thomas in a transaction that totaled more than $130,000. Reportedly, one of the pieces of property One of the properties sold to Crow was the place Thomas’s mother resides. However, Thomas did not disclose these transactions.

Crow provided a statement to CNN, saying that he was hoping to one day turn the properties he had purchased into “a public museum at the Thomas home” aimed at honoring the second black person to become a Supreme Court justice.

A source familiar with Thomas revealed to CNN that the Supreme Court Justice believed he did not need to disclose the transaction, as he allegedly lost money on it. Thomas himself has also defended not disclosing the trips and gifts, claiming that he was advised that he did not need to report “personal hospitality” from friends who were not affiliated with the Supreme Court.

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